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Horizon Forbidden West is only a few weeks away, but IGN's Jonathon Dornbush was able to go hands-on with the sequel for four hours, and has A LOT to discuss about the highly anticipated Guerrilla Games sequel.

Now that we've played it ahead of its launch on Feb. 18 on PS4 and PS5, Jonathon breaks down many of the details he's learned about Horizon Forbidden West now that he's gone hands-on and previewed it. As part of this special bonus episode of IGN's weekly PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, Jonathon is joined by Jada Griffin, Mark Medina, and Lucy O'Brien to dig into everything we've learned about Horizon Forbidden West, including big changes to Horizon's combat and exploration. Jonathon breaks down some of the new mechanics, skills, and equipment Aloy will have access to in Horizon Forbidden West. And he also explains how players will go about getting some of that stuff, and a lot more, thanks to a more expansive array of sidequests, new mission types, and much more as Guerrilla Games has expanded its settlements.

We touch lightly on some story-related content, but try to keep it generally spoiler free when it comes to major story beats in this portion of Horizon Forbidden West. But we do discuss some of the new and returning characters that appear, how Aloy is handling her new journey, and much more.

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