Podcast Beyond - IGN's PlayStation Show

On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Max Scoville, and guest Laura Kate Dale to talk about all the biggest news in the world of PlayStation...well, except for financial results, since those broke after we recorded.

But the cast still jumps into the new PS Plus lineup for the month, offering some early impressions of PS5 exclusive Destruction AllStars and whether or not it can replicate the success of other PS Plus hits like Fall Guys and Rocket League, plus thoughts on Control: Ultime Edition and Concrete Genie.

The cast also discusses the tall vampire lady's real height in Resident Evil Village, the God of War PS5 patch, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition's release date, and much more, plus, we talk a bit about Laura's new book, Things I Learned from Mario's Butt, which Brian and Max contributed to.

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