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It's been zero days since PlayStation has acquired a studio! That's right folks, just when you think every studio in the world has been bought up by either PlayStation or Xbox, Sony once again surprises us with another PlayStation Studios announcement. So watch along with Jonathon Dornbush, Mark Medina, and Jada Griffin as they give their best guess as to why Haven Studios could be a smart bet for the upcoming PlayStation Live Service lineup. Also, they dive into the recent Gran Turismo 7 controversies, and give even more thoughts on the newest PlayStation console exclusive: Ghostwire: Tokyo. And don't forget, Apple TV+'s Severance is a really good show, so if you're not playing a video game this weekend, do yourself a favor and watch Severance. This isn't an ad, it's just a really good show. Just watch the podcast, you'll get it. Ok bye!

00:00:10 - Intro & Housekeeping
00:02:23 - PlayStation acquires Jade Raymond's Haven Studios
00:30:06 - Gran Turismo 7 Under Fire
00:47:22 - PS4 & PS5 Updates Now Live
00:53:39 - New Witcher Saga Announced!
00:59:38 - Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Announced
01:04:02 - What's Up with Project Spartacus?
01:11:23 - What We're Playing & Outro

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