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This week on one of IGN’s most popular PlayStation shows, bumbling substitute host Max Scoville is joined by rowdy Italian Brian Altano and award-winning journalist Matt Kim. Full disclosure: we initially planned this week’s episode to be a live God of War Ragnarok State of Play post-show, but we still hadn’t heard anything so that got scrapped last minute. Bear with us as we goof around and discuss this week’s PlayStation-adjacent news, such as a leaked Skull & Bones release date, the Horizon Zero Dawn/Forbidden West Netflix show’s leaked title (“Horizon 2074”) and news that FromSoftware’s next unannounced game is in final stages of development. Is it Armored Core 6? Very possibly, but how do you make an Armored Core game in a post-Dark Souls gaming landscape? PlayStation Plus games for july have been revealed, along with some hot new musical additions to the official PlayStation Plus Spotify playlist that we learned is a thing

A former Days Gone director announced his next project, Ashfall, which sounds cool until you get to the part about NFTs. A new law in Quebec requiring immigrants to learn French to access government services, which might cause problems for the many Montreal-based video game studios’ efforts to recruit new talent. None of us can speak French very well, but we try. Plus, we chatted a little about Plague Tale: Requiem, which is coming to PS5 later this year, and Neon White, which isn’t announced for any PlayStation devices, but Matt wanted to talk about it so don’t blame me.

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