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This week on the number one PlayStation Podcast produced by IGN, join substitute host Max Scoville, Jada Griffin, and Matt Kim as they discuss the latest goings-on including (but not limited to) job listings posted by Sucker Punch that suggest the studio might be making an open-world game with stealth and melee combat. So, Ghost of Tsushima 2? Or Ghost of some other Japanese island? Or hey, maybe it’s Sly Cooper. We can dream.

We also have some new details on Final Fantasy 16, which will not be an open-world game or too similar to Final Fantasy 14, but it sounds cool nonetheless. The Birdman himself revealed that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 and 4 almost got remakes, but apparently those got scrapped. Meanwhile, PlayStation is skipping Gamescom, YouTuber DIYperks made his own PS5 Slim, and Creative Assembly’s new game Hyenas sounds pretty cool. Plus, we talk about Ape Escape and Metal Gear Solid 3 and Dragon’s Dogma, which Max is still very excited about.

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